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You decided to buy a property on the 

island of Mallorca?  

Congratulations on your decision. Mallorca is a beautiful island and in glorious sunshine and pleasant climate to many visitors this decision comes easily at hand. But just in a different country and foreign conditions, it is especially important that you make your choice based on good and reliable information, because after all it is always here for your money. 

Therefore you can expect an independent and technically sound accompaniment with your real estate purchase by me. As an appraiser for the valuation of real estate with an education in Germany and years of professional experience I will help you to recognize characteristics of the market, risks of the contract and possibly also defects of the selected property on time and to avoid nasty surprises. 

You get a choice of monitoring and evaluation during the tour of your dream home and optional additional services such as valuation, damage assessment, determination of the repair cost and further, so that you are always on the safe side. 

Send me an email and describe briefly your problem, then I'll call you and we agree the course of action taken by phone. The contact form is right below this text. 

Stay optimistic as well as realistic when buying a property in Mallorca and get through my expert support certain to make a good purchase. 

I look forward to getting to know you. 

See you soon, 

Yours Lutz Schulten, Mallorca-Appraiser

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+49 1577 8980 724

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If you want to buy property in Mallorca, sometimes the question arises: 

how much worth is my finca, apartment or my house? 

A qualified report by the experts for valuation of property on Mallorca will be helpfully. A qualified opinion for houses or apartments in Majorca offers the buyer security and improves the negotiating position. Therefore, you instruct the Mallorca-Appraiser because the specialists will optimize your chances of buying the right property!

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